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Crystal Clear 10 ml

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Crystal Clear diffused, inhaled or applied to the brow, neck, wrists, or temples clears and energizes the mind and increases mental alertness and recall.

APPLY it undiluted across the brow, along the back of the neck, on the wrists, and on the temples. It is also useful diffused or placed, 1 or 2 drops only, in a bath. A few drops on a cotton ball placed next to you will help keep you alert and awake for a project that needs finishing.
Use this oil while studying, taking tests, or attempting to remember difficult or complicated data. It helps organize your thoughts, allowing more accurate recall later.
PHYSICAL BENEFITS: Crystal Clear is nourishing to the nerves, the adrenal cortex, and the cardiovascular system. It is one of the best blends for treating shock. It helps to balance hormones and bring relief from hormone-related headaches.
Other blends that help with mental alertness include Focus and IQ.

INGREDIENTS: basil, peppermint arvensis, peppermint piperita, rosemary, saro




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