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Sanctuary 10 ml

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INGREDIENTS: cedarwood, fir, pine, spruce, vanilla, ylang ylang

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, nervous system, emotional balance, central vessel meridian, bladder meridian, all chakras
RESONANCE: Sanctuary is a very high frequency oil. It can often be used in place of the very expensive single oils like rose, jasmine, or neroli with equally effective results.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Sanctuary has a pleasant aroma that just wraps around you and transports you to a place of peace and calm where you may rest and gather strength for the day.
APPLICATION: This blend is meant to be diffused! It surrounds us with feelings of contentment and faith. Alternatively, it can be worn as perfume, cologne, or applied to the solar plexus, brain stem, crown of the head, back of the neck, behind the ears, over the thymus, or on the wrists. I like to carry this one in an inhaler so that I can let it take me to a quiet place whenever I need to.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Sanctuary promotes feelings of protection and safety. From this safe place we can examine ourselves comfortably, listening closely to the whisperings of the spirit and our own intuitive knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses. This process helps us develop wisdom and good judgment and lets us build trust in ourselves and our decisions. Sanctuary has a special affinity for the central vessel and bladder meridians. In doing so, it can help us replace fear in our lives with faith in healthy ways. Sanctuary brings all of the chakras into harmony with each other, balancing the energy cohesively between them. 



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