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Vision 10 ml

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INGREDIENTS: angelica, chamomile German, chamomile Roman, howood, hyssop, lavender, lemon, mountain savory, spruce

AFFINITY FOR: nervous system, stomach meridian, emotional stability and balance
RESONANCE: physical, emotional
APPLICATION: Vision can be diffused. It is very nice in the bath, especially at the end of the day.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Vision, when the aroma is inhaled, can promote self-awareness, intuitiveness, and self-confidence.
EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL/MENTAL ASPECTS: Vision is especially suited to dominant personality types who have become unfocused or overbearing in their personal lives. It is designed to help us see ourselves more clearly, discover our misperceptions, and grow from our mistakes. Vision may even be helpful in overcoming apathy and finding the will power to change. If we have begun to rely too much on other people’s opinions and advice, Vision can help us see our own path and our own worth more clearly. This blend clears the mind, reduces anxiety and stress levels, restores inner strength, and improves decisiveness—without our needing to be overbearing or impatient. If you tend to be irritable, this may be a good blend for you.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Vision is often helpful with insomnia and, applied to the abdomen, is useful in the early treatment of gallstones.



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