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Our thanks to those who have trained and encouraged us

We want to thank those who have shared with us their vast knowledge and experience working with essential oils and other therapeutic oils. 
  • Roger Ball who first introduced us to tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia). As founder of Melaleuca, he showed how powerful a single therapeutic essential oil can be as it is added to dozens of products and sold through network marketing. 
  • Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils who showed how a large number of oils and associated products could create a successful network marketing company.
  • Marc Schroeder, an employee of Young Living who personally trained us at Young Living and generously shared his vast knowledge of the therapeutic uses of essential oils.
  • Brian Manwaring, who managed Essentia Publishing and published many books on therapeutic uses of essential oils including our Guide to Home Use of Essential Oils at The Brain Garden. His friendship and understanding of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and the industry has been a tremendous support through the years.
  • Dr. Daniel Pénoël and his wife Rose Marie were close personal friends during the time we were associated at The Brain Garden. We put together two books attributed to the Pénoëls: Life Helping Life, and Guide to Home Use of Essential Oils. Dr. Pénoël has made essential oils the centerpiece of his medical practice for over 35 years and is the co-author with Pierre Franchomme of L’aromathérapie exactement, what some consider to be the encyclopedia of essential oils. It is from this volume that Gary Young and many of the most well-known experts in the industry learned of the solid, therapeutic value of individual essential oils. There is much in this volume that has yet to be shared in the English-speaking world. Dr. Pénoël is not only a medical doctor practicing in France but is also trained and experienced in homeopathy and acupuncture. 
  • Dana Clay Young and his family have been close associates as we have trained people in essential oils through the years. We appreciate his enthusiastic sharing of his knowledge and experience as he has traveled all over the world training people.
  • Ron Williams, the president of both The Brain Garden and Forevergreen International, helped make essential oils a solid and profitable part of both companies.
  • Douglas Burdick, another president of The Brain Garden, who supported the development of therapeutic essential oils and all the training programs and books we developed there as an important arm of the company.
  • Dr. David Bowman D.O., who introduced us to the medical side of other therapeutic oils, particularly to krill oil and vitamin D3 oil when he served as medical advisor to JD Premium. His enthusiasm for therapeutic essential oils has been a great encouragement.
The information in the books and articles we wrote at The Brain Garden has sat idle for far too long. This website is an attempt to bring it to the world again and provide a wider distribution of knowledge and experience for those who wish to take their aromatic journey with us.
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