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8 Essential Blends

Blends have 4 powerful advantages.
  1. They are more affordable and convenient than buying single oils and mixing them. 
  2. You can affordably take advantage of small amounts of highly beneficial and expensive molecules from multiple oils blended together for a vast number of benefits.
  3. Skillfully created blends can target specific functions and therapeutic conditions.
  4. Because there are so many more complex molecules in a blend, the effectiveness of an oil has a lower chance of shifting or diminishing over time because your body cannot adjust to any single oil.

Why These 8 Essential Blends

If you became familiar with using only these 8 blends, you would cover the largest number, the most common, and the most effective uses of therapeutessential oil blends. You will find yourself using some of them daily with tremendous health benefits.

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AboutFace 10 ml
AboutFace 10 ml

Foot Massage Blend: Contains 3 excellent Frankincense oils and myrrh. Excellent diluted for daily reflexology therapy of the feet that will give you amazing health results throughout the body. Also good for the delicate facial skin. 


Aspire 10 ml
Aspire 10 ml

Respiratory Blend: A daily use oil for keeping the respiratory system clear and clean through topical application and diffusing. Especially important during cold and flu season. Antiviral. Sometimes, depending on your respiratory needs, you will prefer one of these other blends: Deeper, Stefanie or Mariah. Read their descriptions and order accordingly.


Deeper 10 ml
Deeper 10 ml

Emergency/Exercise Blend: A deep-penetrating anti-inflammatory blend for daily massage before or after exercise to increase circulation, energize and prevent injury. Use to get stiff joints moving more easily. Helps relieve pain. Sometimes, depending on the type of painful condition, you may prefer using Paine, TendaCare, WarmDown, Purify or even SpiceC.


Deliverance 10 ml
Deliverance 10 ml

Anti-microbial Defense Blend: Strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Excellent for all respiratory infections as well as sores, cuts and scrapes.  Strengthens the immune system. Sometimes, depending on what anti-microbial condition you are targeting, you may want to consider SpiceC, Stefanie, Mariah, MelaPlus or LifeForce.


Heart Song 10 ml
Heart Song 10 ml

Anti-depression Blend: An exceptionally fragrant blend for overcoming all kinds of emotional upset including grief and trauma or just to elevate your mood and feel more loved on a blue day. An excellent deodorant. Sometimes, depending on the roots of your depression, you may also wish to consider Good Nite, Moonlight, Expressions, Focus, Crystal Clear, or IQ. Consider also looking through other Emotional Oil Blends


InsideOut 10 ml
InsideOut 10 ml

Digestion Blend: Balances digestion in all areas—bloating, nausea, cramps, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea. Important to have handy for one of the most important and effective functions of all essential oils. Sometimes, depending on the type of digestive condition you have, you may want to consider trying Synopsis, EZ Traveler or SafeGard.


Millenia 10 ml
Millenia 10 ml

Realignment Blend: An important oil for skeletal alignment and balancing the energy systems of the body. Helps concentration and focus. A first step in all massage. 


Tranquility 10 ml
Tranquility 10 ml

Calming Blend: Wonderfully fragrant and relaxing. Helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Helps reduce mind chatter and prepare for restful sleep. Helps relieve tension headaches. Sometimes, depending on your goals for calming down, you may wish to consider QuietEssence, Focus, Crystal Clear, Good Nite, IQ, Moonlight or Expressions. Also consider looking through the full range of Emotional Oil Blends for those that match your needs. .




Therapeutic Blends
Emotion Blends





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