Emotion Blends

Essential oils are not only beneficial for physical health but also for psychological and emotional health, clearing the mind, energizing, calming stress, etc. If you are looking for natural home remedies for anxiety or depress. these blends target these and many other emotional issues. Read through the descriptions and select those blends that meet your needs. 

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Acknowledge 10 ml

Helps quiet fear and discouragement and increase confidence. Helps with depression. Improves generous feelings. GRAS


Angel 10 ml

Helps release traumatic effects of painful memories and negative experiences of all kinds. Increases feelings of safety. Helps release anger and anxiety as well as associated physical symptoms such as headaches and muscle stiffness. Helps stabilize mood swings especially in children. 


Assurance 10 ml

Helps release anxiety, fear or apathy leading to procrastination. Helps improve confidence and a better focus on goals. 


Baby Me 10 ml

Healing for parent-child relationships and emotional bonding. Good for depression and the “baby blues.” 

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Beloved 10 ml

This exceptionally fragrant blend is perfect for use againstnegative emotions from dysfunctional and destructive relationships. It has been shown to help with a diverse number of things like bed-wetting as well as a tendency for cystitis and urinary tract infections, headaches, heart palpitations, and menstrual cramps.


Benediction 10 ml

A favorite blend for massage and energy therapists. Helps protect you from energy drains from difficult people. Helps increase feelings of gratitude in moments of anger, stress or depression. 


Bountiful 10 ml

Helps us attract good things into our lives and relieve stresses, and fears, especially those associated with money. It gives a feeling of abundance, generosity and security. GRAS


Cinnamon Bear 10 ml

This this a wonderfully fragrant blend of spicy cassia (like cinnamon) and clove along with these beautiful respiratory oils—eucalyptus, mandarin, sweet orange, rosemary, and spruce. Diffusing this oil through the holidays will help strengthen everyone’s immune system and ward off cold & flu infections as well as anger and frustration. 


Connection 10 ml

A calming blend to moderate a tendency to be over-enthusiastic or unrealistic in expectations of yourself or others. Helps bring you back from fantasy to reality. 


Discernment 10 ml

Helps increase enthusiasm for the future and balance the analytical left brain with the creative or intuitive right brain. Helpful for those who struggle with pride and arrogance. Helps improve team spirit. 


Dreams 10 ml

Great for insomnia related to negative emotions and nightmares. A favorite for children whose fears overtake them. Can be beneficial for bedwetting if the root cause is fear and anxiety. 


Eternity 10 ml

Helps balance energy and improve mood and mental outlook. It helps with various physical problems related to the cardiovascular system. 


Everlasting 10 ml

Promotes wonderful relaxation that is followed by high levels of optimism, vigor and energy.


Exhilaration 6 ml

Helps in situations that seem discouraging or hopeless. Stabilizes emotions. Helps release emotional blocks and let go of negative feelings. GRAS


Expressions 6 ml

This euphoric blend contains the highest spiritually and emotionally healing oils. It enhances communication and connection in romantic relationships. A wonderful massage blend. 


Faith 10 ml

An important blend for emotional healing. Helps with acceptance of the past and faith in the future. Helps with fear of abandonment and useless worry. 


Focus 10 ml

Helps overcome negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors. Helps us take responsibility for accomplishing goals. GRAS


Grateful Heart 10 ml

Promotes feelings of gratitude, tolerance, empathy and compassion. Relieves depression and helps with relaxation. These functions help to heal immune deficiencies. 


Grateful Heart 50 ml

Promotes feelings of gratitude, tolerance, empathy and compassion. Relieves depression and helps with relaxation. These functions help to heal immune deficiencies. 


Heart Song 10 ml

The number one blend for depression, grief and trauma. Stabilizes mood swings. Helps with expressing deep emotions. 


Holiday Spirit 10 ml

The aromas of the holidays bring feelings of joy and security and strong family relationships. Helps relieve the stresses sometimes associated with the holidays. Helps purify the air. 


Inner Peace 10 ml

Helps keep our mind and spirits focused and clear for taking positive action in life. Helps promote harmony and compassion. 


Insight 10 ml

A powerful emotional blend for working with victims of abuse. Helps release negative emotions whether memories are conscious or not. GRAS


Journey 10 ml

Helps awaken emotions of harmony and clarity allowing an increased ability to learn from the experiences of our lives.


Letting Go 10 ml

This important blend helps us release anger, frustration, resentment, despair, grief, insecurity and any other emotion that doesn’t serve you. Helpful with rebellious personalities. 


Magi 10 ml

This blend is helpful for those with low self esteem. It is also helpful for those coping with the fear of being left alone. 


Meditation 10 ml

Helps bring us to a state of spiritual awareness. Important for pondering and studying spiritual and emotional matters. Helps us set aside world-weary concerns. 


Moonlight 10 ml

A sensuous blend for romantic connection and intimacy. Helps with emotional bonding and healing of close relationships. GRAS


Sanctuary 10 ml

Helps with feelings of contentment and faith. It takes us to our quiet place of protection and safety where we can examine life with greater judgment and wisdom and build greater trust and confidence. 


Solitude 10 ml

Creates an atmosphere of peace and quiet where we can regenerate our emotional reserves. Helps with anxiety and tension. 


Tomorrow 10 ml

Creates feelings of joy, peace and forgiveness. Helps us with emotional balance and acceptance. 


Trust 10 ml

Helps us feel more accepting, tolerant, compassionate and forgiving of ourselves and others. It helps us let go of guilt and frustration. 


Turmoil 10 ml

Helps us view trials with a more wise and positive perspective. This blend is useful for building physical and emotional connections after a trauma or a loss. It is useful during the anger stage of grief. It is useful for those jumping from project to project to help them be settled and focused. 


Unity 10 ml

Promotes internal harmony. It helps us work with others in cooperation, patience and tolerance. Helps release anger, judgment and jealousy. 


Vision 10 ml

Created for dominant personality types who become overbearing or too bound to a strong opinion or individual. This blend restores inner strength and peace. Good for calming irritability. 


Whispering Hope 10 ml

Helps dispel discouragement and turn around feelings of helplessness. Effective for suicidal thoughts. Helps with overwhelming anxiety. 


Wisdom 10 ml

A blend for those perfectionistic people who become discouraged because they continually pressure themselves to do more. It helps deal with repressed emotions and wonderful for the grieving. 


SpiceC 50 ml.

A delicious antimicrobial spice/citrus blend. Immune strengthening. Helps with infections and respiratory illnesses. 




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