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How to Work with Your Health Care Provider

We believe in science-based, complementary medicine. We want you to be knowledgeable enough to identify those medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and other health care professionals who will be happy to take advantages of the amazing benefits of safe essential oils. In France there is certified training for medical professionals in the use of essential oils and other plant extracts. There is a need in the English speaking world for such training. 
Here are some questions Dr. Penoel suggests that we could ask our health care providers to recognize if they are receptive to working with essential oils.
  • What training or certification have you had in plant-based medicine, alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine and more specifically essential oils?
  • Is your practice mainly alternative medicine or are these kinds of therapies only recommended once in a while?
  • Can you refer me to patients who have worked with you in alternative medicine?
  • In working with essential oils, do you recommend them for dermal absorption, olfaction and ingestion; all three, or just the first two?

How essential oils are different from prescription medications

Essential oils are deeper, typically slower, and definitely safer. They offer more complete restoration of health … but with time. Dr. Penoel says, “I always tell my patients that they are beginning a program of at least one year of combining essential oils with balanced whole food nutrition. In most cases, even after my patients are completely healed, they continue using essential oils and healthy nutrition” (Penoel, p. 14). 
Those who take many synthetic medications, especially elderly people, need to work with knowledgeable health-care professionals and should never discontinue medications without consulting with them. Drug interactions are complex and dangerous with significant risk in mixing them. 
Essential oils are like concentrated foods, and like foods, some may cause allergic reactions, especially in those who have not enjoyed a plant-based diet. But some may improve allergies. Even though our internal organs may look the same, they can function very differently from person to person. Essential oils may not work exactly as stated on this website in every case. That is true for both medications and for essential oils. 

This is not a fix-the-symptom, fight disease program

This website is created to help you embrace health and prevent illness by helping you adjust your lifestyle and form new, healthy habits involving essential oils. Most serious illness has been developing in the body for 20 to 50 years. However serious a disease may be, all disease is a result of only three things, (1) poor vitality, (2) toxic buildup, and (3) blocked energy flow. All three can be helped safely and effectively over time by using essential oils.
Science-based allopathic medical professionals are usually extremely good at diagnosis. All serious conditions require professional diagnosis. This website is in no way designed for that. Serious medical conditions like cancer and other degenerative diseases that have been forming in the body for decades require treatment beyond the scope of this website. Essential oils will enhance such treatment, especially under the supervision of trained and certified professionals in complementary medicine. 
Working with serious illnesses versus the conditions you can work with from home using essential oils is like the difference between a pilot trained to fly a commercial jet versus someone trained to drive a car. When we mention serious illnesses on this website, we do not imply that our treatment is the only thing that can work. It will only be complementary to the treatment offered by trained professionals. We will not try to oversell or over-recommend essential oils. They can stand alone for many in-home uses, but for serious illness, you must work with an expert.
Always consult your health care for any serious disease or injury. Don’t try to diagnose or prescribe essential oils for anything that requires professional attention.  
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