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Shipping, Returns, etc.

How quickly will I get my oils? 

We process all orders within 24 hours of the day we receive the order. The order is shipped from our supplier within 48 hours of the day we receive the order. Shipments can take from 7 to 10 business days depending on the carrier, but most often they take much less. We've noted orders sent from our supplier in Idaho to the East Coast within two days even in the busiest days of December. Our carriers are UPS and US Postal Service. We always select the most proven and economical method for the area to which we are mailing so we don't have to raise our affordable shipping charges.

What credit cards do you take? 

We take all major credit cards—Discover, Master Card, VISA and American Express.

How are returns handled?

In our experience we rarely have returns because of the high quality of our oils. However, should we make a shipping mistake, we encourage you to send us an email immediately. We will contact you and work out a return arrangement with whether it means returning the product, sending a replacement or refunding your money. If we arrange for you to return the product, we will issue you a Return Authorization Number (RAN#).

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that we are shipping you therapeutic-grade oils according to our exacting standards. If there is a mix-up in your order, please contact us at support@youroilessentials.com.

What is the most efficient way to work with Customer Service?

Email is the quickest and most efficient way because we can research your question before giving you a call and waste less of your and our time. We do not have to pass along to you the higher costs of maintaining a call center. If you need to discuss your order or some other customer service issue, please let us know the nature of your concern, your phone number and the best time to call you. We will call you within 24 hours on the next business day. 

Do you have a retail store where we can pick up our products? 

No. Part of the affordability of our oils is the remote location of our shipping facility. We do not pass on to you the high cost of an expensive warehouse in a large city, a will-call area or a retail store front.  

Do you ship oils internationally? 

We can ship internationally, but the costs are high. Please send an email to us so we can contact you about an international shipment and let you know what the charges will be. As we can locate suppliers who can ship more affordably all over the world, we will make them available.

Do you offer your oils in bulk? 

We do. Every oil we have on our site is also available in one ounce, two ounce and four ounce sizes. If you would like to order larger sizes, please contact us by email for a price list. support@youroilessentials.com. 
How will the oils be packaged so they don't leak?
The oils are double packaged, first in a zip-lock bag and then covered and taped with bubble wrap before being put into a box or sturdy shipping envelope. 
Do you offer expedited shipping (second day air, etc)?
If you need extra quick delivery, you can request it in an email. and we'll let you know the extra charge. However, we have found that most of our packages can reach either coast of the United States within a couple of days after being shipped out from our supplier. 



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