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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Essential oils can replace, more safely and effectively, virtually everything in your medicine cabinet.

  • Instead of pain and headache medicine try MyGraine or Peppermint.
  • Instead of sterilizing agents try Lemon or Tea Tree.
  • Instead of a decongestant or products for allergies, colds or flu, try Aspire.
  • Instead of products for an immune system boost or sore throat medicine, try SpiceC or Deliverance.
  • Instead of anti-itch lotion, sleeping aids, burn creams, disinfectants and products for cuts and scrapes, try Lavender.
  • Instead of over-the-counter products to get over a cough, try Rosemary.
  • Instead of mouthwash, try a trace of Peppermint or Tea Tree.
  • Instead of products to remove warts, try a trace of Oregano.
  • Instead of upset stomach and heartburn products, try InsideOut.
  • Instead of muscle pain cream, try Deeper.
  • Instead of anti-fungal treatment for athletes foot, try Tea Tree.

To learn why you need this makeover, read the article on Essential Oils vs Synthetics.



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