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Network marketing companies charge high prices for their essential oils because they pay distributors a large percentage of the price in commissions, especially those at the top of the compensation plan. If you have been using oils from one of these companies, you may want to consider switching to our blends and save yourself a lot of money. Some network marketing prices are 3 times as much for the very same oil. Most of our single oil prices are half what those companies charge. The prices of blends are more difficult to compare because the formulas are different, but the savings are substantial. 

The blend comparisons below are not an exact crossover because formulas are proprietary and differ somewhat, but they are similar in their quality, effectiveness and uses. Compare ingredients and you will see that many of our blends are superior in their ingredients. Try them. You will find that they work as well or better at a much lower cost. You will also find many more highly effective essential oil blends that don't exist at the network marketing companies. 
Young Living Blends DōTerra Blends Our Blends
Abundance   Bountiful
Acceptance   Acknowledge
Aroma Life   Vitality
Aroma Siez Aroma Touch Warm Down
Awaken   Everlasting
Brain Power   IQ
Christmas Spirit   Holiday Spirit
Citrus Fresh Citrus Bliss Sunburst, WakeUp
Clarity   Crystal Clear
Di-Gize Digest Zen Inside Out
Dragon Time   Woman Wise
Dream Catcher   Dreams
  Elevation Expressions
En-r-gee   Energy
Endo Flex Slim & Sassy Endo Relief
Envision   Discernment
Exodus   Journey
Forgiveness   Trust
  GX Assist Candila
Gathering   Inner Peace
Gentle Baby   Baby Me
Gratitude   Grateful Heart
Grounding Balance Connection
Harmony   Unity
Hope   Whispering Hope
Humility   Faith
  Immortelle Sego Lily
Immune Power   Life Force
Inner Child   Insight
Inspiration   Meditation
Into the Future   Tomorrow
Joy   Heart Song
Juva Flex Zendocrine Revitalize
Live with Passion   Exhilaration
Longevity   Eternity
Magnify Purpose Balance Focus
Melrose Clear Skin Mela Plus
Mister   Balance
Motivation   Assurance
M-Grain Past Tense My-Graine
Ortho Ease Aroma Touch Tenda Care
Pain Away   Paine
Peace & Calming Serenity Tranquility
Present Time   Wisdom
Purification Purity, Terra Shield Away
R. C.  Breathe Aspire
Raven   Breezy
Release   Letting Go
Relieve It Deep Blue Deeper
Sacred Mountain   Sanctuary
Sara   Angel
Serenity Tranquility Solitude
  Slim & Sassy Weightless
Surrender   Vision
Thieves On Guard SpiceC, Deliverance
Three Wise Men   Magi
Trauma   Turmoil
Valor   Millenia
  Whisper Moonlight

Another way we save you money

Our money-saving 10 ml bottles are another reason to purchase here. Most network marketing companies use 15 ml bottles, so you get 50% more oil that you don't usually use ... at a very high price. It's like the extra profits fast food places make by supersizing.

We've found through the years that most people use less than 10 ml of the oils they purchase.

Bulk pricing saves you even more

If you use a lot of some special oils, we can sell them to you in bulk. Just send us an email requesting bulk pricing, and the oils you'd like, and we'll get them for you.  

To give you an idea of the price savings, a 2 oz bottle will make up almost six 10 ml bottles. So if you're typically paying $7.00 for a 10 ml bottle, 2 oz might cost you $19. You could be paying as little as $3.25 for each 10 ounces when you're buying in bulk. The savings are even greater when you order in 4 oz. quantities.

You may be aware that some oils from these companies have been shown to be diluted with vegetable oils for various reasons. None of ours are.



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