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Goldenrod 4 oz.

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INGREDIENT IN: Intention, LivN, Reflections, Safeguard, ThermaCare, Weightless, Woman Wise

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular tonic, cicatrisant, diuretic, mildly expectorant, hepatic, lymphatic decongestant, nervine, pectoral, sedative

AFFINITY FOR: urinary system, nerves, circulation, liver, water meridian, yang energy

RESONANCE: physical, mental, emotional



EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Goldenrod should be diluted and applied as needed. It may also be diffused and used in the bath.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Goldenrod is relaxing and calming when diffused. It has a pleasant balsamic/citrus aroma with just a touch of spice.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: As goldenrod strengthens the cardiovascular and urinary systems, it brings to us an ability to take charge of our own emotional and physical health. Goldenrod is emotionally and psychologically strengthening.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The Swiss Pharmacopia lists goldenrod as a support for the cardiovascular system for tachycardia and arrhythmia and credits it with strengthening the urinary tract and improving liver function. Goldenrod, like ledum, affects and diminishes the unwanted fatty cells in the liver. Goldenrod is also reputed to aid lymphatic drainage and to be effective for sinus and bronchial mucous and in the relief of hay fever symptoms. The combination of nervine, cardiovascular, and urinary tract properties make goldenrod a natural choice for the control of high blood pressure.

GENERAL INFORMATION: It is interesting to note that the medicinal properties of this oil were so well recognized that its name, Solidago, was derived from the Latin word solide which literally means “to make whole.” In America, goldenrod tea is still referred to as “Liberty Tea.” This reflects its use by the colonists as a substitute for the English tea that was being taxed by the king.

CAUTIONS: Dilution is recommended, especially for use on more sensitive areas.



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