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Good Nite 10 ml

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A very pleasant-smelling and affordable oil for insomnia. Use it regularly during the cold and flu season to strengthen immunity.

You’ll love diffusing this blend in the evening to calm you and promote restful sleep. Place a drop on your pillow at night, or apply it, diluted, to the sinus areas of your face (forehead, cheeks, nose) at any time of day.

EMOTIONAL / MENTAL BENEFITS: One reason that GoodNite is so effective at promoting restful sleep is because it seems to create feelings of peace and confidence. It allows us to process our deep emotions, without stress, while we’re sleeping. You may notice that in the morning you’ll be able to express your feelings more clearly without the usual stress.

PHYSICAL BENEFITS: GoodNite is effective for insomnia and snoring. It soothes inflamed or swollen nasal and sinus passages while promoting deep and restful sleep.

INGREDIENTS: cedarwood, orange sweet, ylang ylang 



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