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Mariah 10 ml

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INGREDIENTS: bay, helichrysum, Idaho tansy, opopanax, ravensara, spearmint, spikenard, thyme, turmeric, wintergreen

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system , immune system
RESONANCE: physical
APPLICATION: Mariah should be applied, diluted, to the chest and back at frequent intervals.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Mariah should be diffused near the patient to aid in clearing the lungs.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: This blend was specifically designed for use against the new flu strains that are giving people such a scare today. It seems to be the nature of these new strains to manifest very differently from one person to another. One person may sustain more damage to the circulatory system while another person may be hit hardest in the lung and respiratory areas.
The strength of this blend lies in its antiviral/antibacterial properties and in its ability to clear and support the lungs. Mariah should be used in conjunction with Revitalize for endocrine support to increase energy and stamina. Use Mariah in conjunction with Vitality to strengthen the heart.



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