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These 59 single oils are the most versatile and affordable for safe home use. All can be used by diffusion and topical application. You will note that many of them are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) so they can be used internally as well. Be sure to read their safety guidelines, however. 

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Myrrh 10 ml

Relieves respiratory congestion. Releases toxins. Excellent for skin repair. GRAS


Myrtle 10 ml

Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Great for sinus and respiratory infections, thyroid, and prostate. GRAS


Neroli 6 ml

Pleasant aroma. Disinfectant. Helps the body rebuild tissue. Safely helps regulate heart function. Calming. GRAS


Orange sweet 10 ml

Improves immune function. Calms a cough and dissolves mucous. Aids respiration. GRAS


Oregano 10 ml

Strong antimicrobial. Helps balance metabolism. An immune stimulant. A respiratory oil. GRAS


Palmarosa 10 ml

Excellent for both oily and dry skin. Stimulates new cell growth. Antifungal. Antibacterial. GRAS


Patchouli 10 ml

Helps restore the skin after injuries, rashes, eczema, infections. Antifungal. Improves hormone balance. GRAS


Patchouli 50 ml.


Patchouli 4 oz.


Peppermint Mentha Piperita 10 ml

Reduces pain and bruising. Temporary headache relief. Great for nausea. Cools a fever. GRAS


Pine Needle 10 ml

Promotes circulation in sore joints and muscles. Increases metabolism. Removes toxins. GRAS


Ravensara 10 ml

Strongly antiviral (flu, chronic fatigue, & other viral infections. Supports kidneys. Good for chronic respiratory conditions. 


Rosemary 10 ml

Amazingly versatile. Useful for memory loss. Strong antimicrobial. Good for pain and headaches. GRAS


Rosewood 10 ml

Important for skin health. Relaxing. Good massage therapy for headaches.GRAS


Rosewood 50 ml

Important for skin health. Relaxing. Good massage therapy for headaches.GRAS


Rosewood 4 oz

Important for skin health. Relaxing. Good massage therapy for headaches. GRAS


Sage 10 ml

Important for the nervous system and all organs of the lower abdomen. Good for arthritis. GRAS


Sandalwood 6 ml

Good for bladder and throat infections and bronchitis. Good for regenerating skin. GRAS


Spearmint 10 ml

Excellent for headache relief. Great for travel fatigue and nausea. A great respiratory oil. GRAS


Spikenard 10 ml

Soothes and protects wounds. An excellent deodorant. Helps balance hormones. GRAS


Spruce (Picea Mariana) 10 ml

Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory for aching, sore muscles and joints. A gland tonic. GRAS


Tangerine 10 ml

An excellent antibacterial that keeps septic infections from spreading. Good for respiratory spasms. GRAS


Tarragon 10 ml

Important for healthy digestion. Helps relieve constipation. Helps increase circulation. GRAS


Tea Tree 10 ml

Excellent and safe antimicrobial for everything from colds and flu to cuts and scrapes. Excellent for fungal infections. GRAS

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Thyme 10 ml

Excellent digestive oil. A strong antimicrobial. A cardiovascular oil. Immune stimulant. GRAS


Valerian 10 ml

Relieves nervous tension. Useful for headache, cramping, insomnia, anxiety and panic. GRAS


Vetiver 10 ml

The aroma of vetiver is somewhat similar to a mixture of patchouli and lemongrass. It is an excellent oil for skin care and is known as "the oil of tranquility." 


Wintergreen 10 ml

Massage diluted to soothe and muscle tension after exercise. Reduces pain. Increases circulation. Helps digestion. Stimulates respiratory function. 


Yarrow blue 10 ml.

Helps regenerate the skin after cuts and scrapes. Prevents infection. Helps stop bleeding. 


Ylang Ylang Complete 10 ml

Useful for PMS and other hormone-related complaints. Excellent for depression and insomnia. Excellent for skin care. GRAS



Synopsis is a fragrant blend of many of the best digestive essential oils combined with essential oils that are specific to the emotional drivers involved in digestive and colon issues. 

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