December 27, 2012 @ 4:21 PM

Amazing benefits from taking therapeutic essential oil capsules 

Medical doctors in France have long recommended taking essential oils by capsule as possibly the most effective way to experience the full benefits of essential oils. In English-speaking countries, many experts have cautioned against ingesting essential oils, even pure therapeutic grade essential oils. A vast amount of research and clinical practice is now showing that ingestion is a safe, convenient and highly effective way to take advantage of life-giving aromatic molecules. We're starting to see recommendations for ingesting diluted Oregano Oil and Tea Tree Oil on many health sites for a wide variety of natural remedies.

Here are some answers to common questions on the subject by a French medical doctor who routinely prescribes essential oils in his medical practice. He believes that in-home use of safe essential oils through ingestion is essential to optimizing health.

Question: What do essential oil capsules do inside the body?


·         They help purify your body from toxins and harmful bacteria while preserving the beneficial bacteria.

·         They bring added vitality and energy into your body.

·         They do not have the disadvantage of lingering aromas from some of the highly effective but less aromatically pleasing oils.

Since bowel toxicity is responsible for many health problems throughout the body, you can see results in many areas, even if symptoms do not appear to be linked directly to an infection.

Question: What advice would you give for those just beginning to take essential oil capsules?

Answer: Begin with blends of essential oils diluted at least 4:1 (4 carrier oil: 1 essential oils) with a Carrier Oil or Grapeseed Oil. Use a greater percentage of safe, mild, GRAS oils like tea tree oil, or lemon oil.

Drink more water than usual to help eliminate toxins and metabolites. Metabolites are created as a result of cleaning up a lot of bacteria at one time. Because essential oils are so much more concentrated than herbal capsules, you may be used to, you need to be cautious and introduce them gradually, especially if you feel you have a buildup of toxins or your diet has not been the best. Taking them with food may also help introduce them safely. Taking them with food also helps prevent any aftertaste or “burping up” the taste of the essential oils.

Here is an interesting paradox. The more toxic you are the more you will feel immediate benefits from taking the capsules…but also, the more cautious you need to be to minimize possible detoxification reactions. Introduce an additional capsule each day gradually from one a day up to six a day, depending on the strength of the oils involved.

I also insist that all my patients who are taking the capsules follow my advice on healthy nutrition. It doesn’t make sense to be shovelling toxins in with your fork while you are trying to clean them out with the capsules. You can never take enough capsules for that!

Do not take your essential oils capsules with your probiotic supplements. Even though essential oils respect the beneficial bacteria within your body, they are so strong that they could reduce the effectiveness of the probiotic supplements if taken together. Give yourself at least an hour after taking essential oils capsules before taking your probiotics.

Question: How long should I take as many as 6 a day?

Answer:If you are using a blend of oils, you can continue taking six a day for as long as you wish. Or you can drop back to a dosage of 3-a-day for a maintenance program to keep the body clean, energetic, and pure.

Question: What single oils would you recommend for broad-spectrum use?

Answer: For a broad anti-infectious action, I would begin with a large percentage of tea tree oil (40 drops in a 10 ml bottle) then add an assortment of other anti-infectious oils (6 – 8 drops each) according to your personal desires and needs. I’d then fill the remainder of the bottle with the carrier oil. Then use a dropper to fill each empty capsule. Make sure to use oils that are for internal use. The government labels them GRAS oils. You can’t go wrong with oils from plants you’d use in cooking like Basil, Peppermint, and Lemon. Other oils like Geranium, Frankincense and Tea Tree, not used in cooking, are also on the GRAS list. Avoid using non-GRAS oils or blends containing non-GRAS oils in capsules. Use stronger spice oils like Oregano Oil and Thyme Oil in smaller amounts in your blends. 

Question: How quickly can I expect to see results?

Answer: It varies butmost people will experience something noticeable within the 15 days. Some people are more in tune with what is happening inside their bodies than others. Whatever you actually notice, the purification process is taking place deep inside whether you notice it or not.

What you feel also depends on your present health and health history. Here’s an analogy. If you repair a flat tire you’ll feel a big difference. If you merely add some air to a tire that is a little low, you may not even notice the difference.

If your health is already excellent, you may not notice the benefits until you see some increased disease resistance. But you are getting the benefits.

Most people feel more energetic and free from toxins when they take capsules. Men may feel an increase in their libido. You may experience some remarkable benefits unique to you.

You may notice that symptoms from old conditions you thought were cured will show up temporarily. For example, if you used antibiotics to overcome an infection, you might go through a short phase of the infection symptoms in order to eliminate it once and for all. Antibiotics simply hide and push the condition a little deeper into your body to manifest itself in more serious ways later. Taking capsules helps clean all that out for good.

It’s always easier for my patients to tell the difference once they stop taking the capsules for awhile. Long after my patients have cleared up whatever condition they came in for, they’re still taking the capsules to remain clean and free of toxins. It’s a remarkable process.

Question: Is there a convenient way to fill the capsules.

Answer:Blend the oils together first, then dilute them with a carrier oil—about  4:1. Then use a dropper to fill your capsules. A 10 ml bottle will fill approximately 16 capsules. Store them in a dark container away from light and moisture. Avoid storing filled capsules over an extended period of time (years). I recommend using the 0-size gelatin or veggie capsules.


  1. Gather a supply of your favorite oils starting with tea tree. Keep plenty of carrier oil on hand. Purchase empty 0-size capsules, a dropper to fit an empty 10 ml bottle, and an empty, dark-colored bottle with a tight lid for the capsules.
  2. Blend the oils and fill 16 capsules. Begin taking them according to the instructions in the article.
  3. Keep a journal of the blends you create and the benefits you notice so you can share them with us on this blog and with your friends.
  4. Share your success stories on Facebook. You’ll gather a lot of attention, and soon many more people will be using essential oils and sharing their discoveries with you.