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That question calls for a little education.

There are 3 general types of essential oils:

1.       Recreational fragrance oils for things like candles, perfume and potpourri.

2.       Food flavoring oils for things like chewing gum, sodas and toothpaste.

3.       Therapeutic essential oils for real medicinal use.

The first two can be synthetic, natural or mixtures of the two. The consistent flavor or aroma is more important than the real therapeutic value, so cheap synthetics work for candle, perfume and chewing gum companies. Even if the oils come from natural sources, they can be distilled or extracted in a cheap way. This, of course, destroys much of their therapeutic value.

How to find the best therapeutic essential oils

There are several network marketing companies like DoTerra and Young Living that claim to have the ONLY pure, quality oils on the market. With rare exceptions they purchase their oils from the same countries and vendors all over the world where Butterfly Express orders theirs. So why have we chosen to distribute Butterfly Express oils?

The differences

DoTerra and Young Living Oils are twice as expensive (or more) because they must have a substantial markup to afford large offices to host Distributors when they come to town, their huge upline commission structure, their cars, their cruises, their conventions and a lot more.

The network marketing oils will claim a certain certification process with an important sounding acronym like “EOBBD Pure,” “Seed-to-Seal,” or “CPTG Grade.” They go to great lengths to do impressive-sounding things to justify the high cost. We’ve worked inside some of these companies for decades and understand what they do and why they need to do it. This just means that when an oil arrives from the same place as ours, a certification person puts their stamp of approval on it to justify a higher price.

The mission of Butterfly Express and youroilessentials.com is to provide you with affordable, high quality oils. We don’t require markups for uplines, cars, cruises or conventions.

So how does Butterfly Express certify their oils? The owners of Butterfly Express have used and purchased essential oils for medicinal uses and trained many therapists themselves. They test every batch of oils for therapeutic value. They examine the gas chromatographs and mass spectrometer charts provided by each vendor. But more importantly they test the oils in the therapeutic ways they will be used every day in your home. Several people in their office are considered “Noses.” This means that they have been evaluating the therapeutic value of essential oils and using them in professional medicinal and health-care therapy for decades, not just a few years.

With the expert assistance of Butterfly Express, we distribute affordable, therapeutic quality oils so you can afford to use a lot of them and get to know them as your best friends for all your home health-care needs.